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Foundation Drill Shafts, Inc. specializes in drilling shafts for multiple uses. Otherwise known as caissons, drilled shafts are cast-in-place deep foundation elements constructed using an auger, prominently featured in our logo. A hole is first drilled to the desired design depth, with it having the design diameter of the planned shaft. To assist in keeping the hole open, casing or drilling fluid can be used. Full-length reinforcing steel is lowered into the hole and then, the hole is filled with concrete. This finished foundation element resists uplift, compressive, and lateral loads and this technique has been used to support towers, tanks, buildings, and bridges.

Foundation Drill Shafts | Southwest Louisiana Foundation Drill Shaft Services

Drill Only

Our drill only service basically consist of mobilization into a site and drilling the shafts without the use of temporary casing or other turnkey services.

We also provide Limited Access Drill Rigs where there may be limited mobility or access a particular job site.

Drill & Case

This service is used to drill the shafts, but also include the use of temporary steel caisson due to poor soil conditions. Caisson may be vibrated the full length of the shaft or set in the ground to a certain depth by means of an excavator or crane.

Turnkey Drilling

We offer a turnkey service that includes the drilling of the shafts, supplying, tying, and setting the rebar inside the shafts, and also to supply and place concrete.

Drill & Slurry

Slurry services may be utilized when caisson services cannot provide an adequate means to successfully drill a shaft.